As a Brooklyn-based New Yorker, Calvin Walker is a writer, marketing strategist, and content producer. After he pitched the idea of doing this thing called “social media” for Pier 59 Studios, things quickly took off. A common thread throughout his career? Not being afraid to take big swings.

He has since lead innovative thinking for brands including Lifetime Television, Condé Nast, Broadcast Music, Inc., and Calvin Klein respectively. Oftentimes, he was a one-man team who handled daily tasks such as copywriting, asset production, data analyzation, report builds, and talent management.

He has recently gained agency experience with stints at Critical Mass, Serino Coyne, and UEG Worldwide. He has worked on clients including Neutrogena, McDonald’s, Pernod Ricard, Unilever, and more.

He’s contributed op-eds to sites including Adweek, Blavity, and more. He continues to manage Thursday’s Journal, an editorial website he launched in 2008. Notable interviews include actor Marque Richardson, fashion designer Patrick Robinson, singer BETSY, and author Andrew Smith.

In his free time, Calvin is busy writing and revising manuscripts. The current manuscript, a fast-paced story inspired by a Sade song, is currently well underway. 

Calvin can be reached at [email protected]